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We have great pleasure in knowing that two of our committee are currently masters of their repective lodges in our province...

W.Bro Neil Salter - Caedmon Lodge No:6965

W.Bro Alex McCallum - Old Hymerian Lodge No:6885

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 Whether your interest is the history of Freemasonry, the charitable aspect or social events. Freemasonry really does have something to offer to men from all walks of life.

Charity and Community Freemasons have a long established relationship with both Masonic and non Masonic organizations.

History and Tradition  Explore the history of how and where it started and the traditions that are still practiced today.

Events and Social Activities Clay shooting, golf, fishing, and many other sporting activities. Ladies functions, tours and much more!


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Masonic Facts and Quotes


Nat King Cole famous musician and singer. Initiated into Thomas Waller Lodge No. 49, Los Angeles, USA



-Nat King Cole

“Masonry is one of the most sublime and perfect institutions that ever was formed for the advancement of happiness, and the general good of mankind, creating, in all its varieties, universal benevolence and brotherly love.”

-The Duke of Kent

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have any enquiry about Freemasons in your family tree or are searching for a friend or relative that was / or is a Mason please direct your enquiry to United Grand Lodge of England who may be able to help.

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