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We have great pleasure in knowing that two of our committee are currently masters of their repective lodges in our province...

W.Bro Neil Salter - Caedmon Lodge No:6965

W.Bro Alex McCallum - Old Hymerian Lodge No:6885

Thinking of Joining?

 Whether your interest is the history of Freemasonry, the charitable aspect or social events. Freemasonry really does have something to offer to men from all walks of life.

Charity and Community Freemasons have a long established relationship with both Masonic and non Masonic organizations.

History and Tradition  Explore the history of how and where it started and the traditions that are still practiced today.

Events and Social Activities Clay shooting, golf, fishing, and many other sporting activities. Ladies functions, tours and much more!


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Masonic Facts and Quotes


The oldest known existing Lodge Minutes which show the initiation of a candidate were made in Northern England to record the admittance of Robert Moray, 20th May 1641.


Sir Robert Moray 

-Sir Robert Moray

"Did you know Bolivia and the former Rhodesia are named after Simon Bolivar and Cecil Rhodes. Both of whom were Freemasons"


Young Masons Forum - News Page

Since then the committee has announced the committee and the young masons of the province have been very busy, here are just some of the noteable things that have happened.

Young Mason Takes the Chair

Neil Salter, Secretary of the Young Masons Forum, was installed as Worshipful  Master  of Caedmon Lodge No:6965 at Whitby. He received excellent support from  a number of members of the forum who were there to see him take the chair. 
Neil has been a member of the Lodge for almost ten years and has enjoyed his journey 'up the ladder'. He commented, "I was only 21 when I was initiated so I was a lot younger than the other members of the Lodge, but they were all so welcoming, just like all the brethren I've met
in the Province. That said, sometimes it would be nice to attend some functions where there were some younger brethren and he went on to say that it was excellent that some members of the Forum travelled to witness him take the Chair of his Lodge.

Photo L to R: Paul Cataldo, Andrew Newton, Richard Smedley (Chairman of
Forum), David Hume, Neil Salter, John Davies (Representative of RW Provincial Grand
Master),  Mark Burton, Tony Dawson, Dan Greenwood.

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Falcon Lodge Open Day at Thirsk


On Saturday 21st November 2009 the Falcon Lodge No. 1416 in Thirsk held an open day, to which members of the public were welcome to have a look around the lodge and ask any questions they might have about Freemasonry.
W Bro Neil Salter, the secretary of the Young Masons’ Forum, was invited by Bro Andrew Newton, a keen member of the Forum, to go along and answer any questions from potential young members. It was a cold, rainy day but that didn’t deter a steady flow of members of the public entering the building all day, keen to see what went on ‘in the building with no windows’, as one visitor commented in the visitor’s book.
With displays of regalia and jewels as well as charity information the visitors were very interested in what masons did. Many of the visitors were under 40 and expressed a great interest in joining a society such as ours but didn’t know how to go about it.
Although the day wasn’t a ‘recruitment drive’ the visitors were so enthused by what they saw it has resulted in a number of candidates for Freemasonry. Bro Andrew commented that "this year we have 4 initiates to the lodge, several of whom came to the open day".

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YMF Secretary Running London Marathon - for the 4th Time!!!

Neil is running the London Marathon for the 4th time on April 25th. Again I am running for a children's charity.
If you see me regularly I will have a sponsor form with me but if you don't see me that often, or to save the pain of actually giving me money you can donate by clicking on the link below and this money then goes straight to the charity and includes the Gift Aid tax relief.

This year I'm supporting CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA.
CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA is the UKs leading charity dedicated exclusively to fighting Britains biggest childhood cancer. Click here for more information.

Please go to to see my fundraising page and sponsor me online.

Many thanks,


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Consecration of the new White Horse Chapter


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Young Masons Inaugral Conference

Still in its early stages, the Forum has been established and taking shape over the last year. In June several younger brethren (Any brother young at heart and yes there are a few!) from across the Province gathered in York for an inaugural conference to exchange ideas and discuss how brethren would like to see the Forum constituted. Since then the committee has announced a selection of social events taking place across the Province which all Young masons are invited to bring their friends (both Masonic and non-Masonic) and some of the events have been selected to include the
wives, partners and families of the brethren.

The next Young Masons Forum will be held on the (TBC) at Castlegate York

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